NANTA ready for 43rd AGM in Lagos

The National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies (NANTA) was founded in 1973 by a group of individual travel agents who saw the need to organize a national body comprising of travel agencies for the purpose of promoting their interests, serving as the mouthpiece for agencies, regulating their activities and maintaining discipline and professionalism within the industry.

And for years there have been different evolution of the body with reach all over states in Nigeria and over 5000 registered travel agencies, above 25,000 travel consultants and several partners including Vapo Africa. The body has been responsible over the years of ensuring the creation of new travel policies, also enforcing and regulating the old travel policies set, aimed at developing the Travel and Tourism industry in Nigeria.

The National Association of Nigerian Travel Agencies (NANTA) organizes an annual general meeting (AGM) and is set to hold its 43rd annual general meeting for the year 2019 with the theme: “Developing Strategic Policies for the Sustainability and Growth of the Travel and Tourism Industry”

The AGM is slated to hold at Muson Centre, Lagos State, on Thursday, March 27th 2019. Registration is currently ongoing, click here to register.

In a bid to drive awareness, the event is to be preceded by “A Walk for Tourism” on the 26th of March 2019, 9 AM from Lagos State House of Assembly to Allen Avenue Ikeja, Lagos.






The day Iyanya visited Vapo Africa

What do you do when you see one of your faves whether in the movie industry or in the music industry?

Some people say they never get star struck but some do with a whole lot of scream and joy! While some are ecstatic not only based on fame but because they recognise that it takes a whole lot of work to come up with the creative content that we enjoy.

Come with us as we tell you the story of the music industry star, Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk popularly known as “Iyanya”s visit to Vapo Africa, trust us it was full of so much laughter, fun, smiles and maybe a bit of attitude?  😅Lol just enjoy your read

“Iyanya is coming to Vapo today” our boss had announced but Vapo Africa had been a host to various dignitaries yet we were excited for an opportunity to have a close rapport with the ever-productive music star. And although the day had been work filled, Iyanya’s visit was more like the icing on the cake for everyone as we expected the music icon wondering if he would be full of himself or he’d just be so down to earth.

We were all buried in work when he walked in with two other men, well not security bouncers they were probably his friends. To our uttermost surprise, Iyanya was not only down to earth but went over to the individual desks to have a warm handshake with each person. Well in the entertainment industry this is somewhat a very rare trait as it showed humility and friendliness contrary to what is usual in the entertainment industry.

He then went on to get his Vapo business done.


And after that it was time for pictures, the ladies asked for a “waist whine” and boom the “kukere” master himself did his magic again, he then went ahead to take pictures and short videos in which huge fans had their close and personal pictures with him, followed by the team members. We all joked, laughed and had a lovely time with the music icon when you see Iyanya be sure to say hello for us at Vapo Africa.

From all of us at a Vapo Africa, we hope you were well Vapoed!



Travel Tip:

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You will be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t twitterpated with these Kenyan discoveries or absolutely taken by the many facets of their beauty. This visit to Kenya was surely an eye opener, of the beautiful diversity of the African culture and how rich Africa as a continent is. Come with us as we take a tour through these amazing discoveries that we bet you never knew about Kenya.

1. The Land of No Man

Right in Africa, there is a town where the foothills of Mount Kenya merge into the desert, a town with the people of Samburu who have maintained strict patriarchy for over 500 years in northern Kenya. That is, until 25 years ago, when Rebecca Lolosoli founded Umoja village as a safe haven for the region’s women. Umoja, which means “unity” in Swahili, is quite literally a no man’s land, and the matriarchal refuge is now home to the Samburu women who no longer want to suffer abuses, like genital mutilation and forced marriages, at the hands of men.

Throughout the years, it has also empowered other women in the districts surrounding Samburu to start their own men-excluding villages. Umoja was visited and the villages it inspired to meet with the women who were fed up with living in violent patriarchy.


Image source: Susan Portnoy


  1. The Human Ancestor you never knew existed – The Turkana boy

Vapo Marketplace

Vapo Marketplace is a travel mart where travelers meet thousand of travel agents and practitioners to carry out travel business. The platform encapsulates various travel products and services from visa processing, visa advisory service, vaccination card, umrah pilgrimage, travel insurance, tour guides, Jerusalem pilgrimage, hotel reservation, holiday packages, Hajj pilgrimage, group travel, flight, concierge service, airport transfer, are all available and many more.

We saw how stressful travel had been for African travelers and to proffer a solution we launched the Vapo Africa Platform where you can purchase travel documents and other travel services. As the years went by the demand got bigger and the need to serve the community with travel tech tools grew, leading to the creation of the Vapo Marketplace.

However, the fraudulent acts of some travel agents in the travel industry cannot be denied or ignored so we went a step further to ensure that only registered and trusted travel agents are liable to transact on the platform and to achieve this we partnered with various African countries travel agents associations and their travel practitioners regulatory bodies.

We have been able to integrate travel association database to the platform so as to ensure that there is control over membership, payments and identification. Now we moved further by providing check-feature on travel practitioners that are available on the platform, just to get every travelers at ease with who they are transacting with.

Only registered agents from country associations can have stores, buy and sell in the marketplace, and trade with other African agents within the continent.

We are excited to have you join us on this journey.




Journey to the Pyramid of Giza with Vapo Africa

The Great Pyramid of Giza (also known as the Pyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Cheops) is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in the Giza pyramid complex bordering what is now El Giza, Egypt. It is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the only one to remain largely intact.

Ever wondered how to start the trip to the Giza pyramids? Just click here to start your journey with our Visa Advisory which comprises of all you would need from quick visa guide to letter templates to visa process report to e-visa.


Do you know that the Great Pyramid was the tallest man-made structure in the world for more than 3,800 years? They were built to endure an eternity, and have done just that. The monumental tombs are relics of Egypt’s Old Kingdom era and were constructed some 4,500 years ago, that interests travelers so much.

The interesting story behind the construction of the Great Pyramids of Giza is that, Egypt’s pharaohs expected to become gods in the afterlife and to prepare for the next world erected temples to the gods and massive pyramid tombs for themselves—filled with all the things each ruler would need to guide and sustain him in the next world. The sight of all these is simply unbelievable and you might want to get the best deals available at our Marketplace where travelers meet travel agents.

This ancient wonder of the world is definitely a site to be visited as it encompassed African origin, and draws one to the African roots, helps you appreciate nature completely and leaves you in awe of its wonders. You need to visit to get the best travel deals from our pool of registered and trusted travel agents in our Marketplace.


5 places to make your perfect holiday in Ghana


The Republic of Ghana, is located along the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean. The word Ghana means “Warrior King” in the Soninke language. Ghana is proof that amazing things come in small packages.Considered to be one of Africa’s true success stories, this country is enjoying a stable democracy and incredible development.The combination creates a joyful energy across the country.

With Ghana you get beautiful hinterland, sunny beaches, rich culture, lively cities, welcoming locals, tons of wildlife, and easy access to all parts of the country.There’s a big difference between northern and southern Ghana – including different religion, geography, and culture.But you’ll still feel like the country is one harmonious unit. If you’ve never been to Africa, Ghana is known as ‘Africa for beginners,’ making it a perfect destination for those who want to get their feet wet.



Accra as the capital city is full of character and radiates friendliness.Whether you’re there as a solo traveller or with a family, on your big annual holiday or there for business, Accra has something to make you feel comfortable. What tourists really love are the many beaches surrounding the city – particularly Labadi Beach.


Accra is home to the National Museum where you’ll find many of the countries historical treasures.You can also visit the National Theatre, International Trade Fair, the Kwame Nkrumah memorial, Independence Square, and W.E.B. Dubois Centre. At every turn you’ll find markets, incredible food, wonderful music, and lots of traffic! Top it all off with a trip to one of the many coffin shops in Teshie.

2)Artists Alliance Gallery

This gallery will blow you away with its contemporary and fine art collections.Created by respected Ghanaian artist, Ablade Glover, the three story gallery is a treasure chest of Kente clothe, furniture, Asafo flags, masks, and unique metal sculptures.You can see almost every prominent Ghanaian artist represented and most of the pieces are for sale.

3) Labadi Beach

Arguably Accra’s most popular beach, Labadi is the perfect city beach.Great food and cocktails are available, as well as local entertainment and people watching.The beach itself is maintained by the surrounding hotels so be forewarned that there is a small entrance fee for those not staying there.

If you happen to be there on the weekend you’ll for sure catch some native drumming, local reggae bands, and plenty of spots for dancing to hiplife – a unique music style that blends hip hop with Ghanaian culture.



Jamestown is a tough but moving neighbourhood of Accra.There’s a ton of history to discover as both the British and the Portuguese left behind a cultural and architectural legacy.The Jamestown community is close-knit and the atmosphere is lively.There aren’t many markers to explain the context of the history that you’re seeing, so a guide is a welcome addition, but certainly not necessary.The neighbourhood is a cross between rural and urban and is famous for turning out incredible national boxers.

5) Kakum national park

A visit to Kakum National Park makes a great day trip from Cape Coast.There you’ll find 40 mammal species, 300 bird species, and over 600 butterfly species.The most popular part of the park is the canopy walk.It’s a string of viewing platforms that are linked by safe and bouncy suspension bridges roughly 30 metres above the park floor.For a deeper look into the park, make arrangements ahead of time for a park ranger or guide to take you further in.




Transportation and roads in Africa are usually in much poorer shape than in Western countries and some areas experience corrupt police, checkpoints, and banditry, there are still many great places for road trips on the “dark continent.” The freedom to stop wherever you want and appreciate the view, cheaper prices, and the adventure of driving in Africa are just a few of the many reasons to put tires to pavement. we’ve compiled 5 of the best places for road trips in Africa.


1) The River Nile

A road trip of historic proportions, Egypt is one of the most tourist friendly countries in Africa. And with visitors slowly starting to trickle back in after the Arab Spring, now is the perfect time to rent a car and head south, following the gentle bends of the Nile. Why take bus after bus when you and your friends can explore the ruins and temples of the pharaohs at your own pace? Great roads and adequate facilities make Egypt an ideal place to drive.

2) Malawian Coastline

Malawi roads offer the stunning shoreline of Lake Malawi to the adventurous traveler. Stretching for hundreds of miles from north to south, dozens of lakeside paradises await to be discovered. Nearly anywhere you stop will have some form of accommodation, seafood, and excellent white sand beaches. Strap a kayak to the roof or bring your snorkel equipment and you’ll never get bored here!

3) Ethiopian Highlands

Ethiopia is one of the largest and most beautiful countries in all of Africa. Cheap prices, incredible history, and unparalleled food make it one of our favorites (see our recent piece, Ethiopia on a Budget). Besides the dearth of historical sites spread throughout the country, the highlands are set in some of the most dramatic scenery anywhere. Check out Simien Mountains Park if you need further proof, especially since you’ll be able drive yourself up there. It’s definitely one of the best road trips in Africa.

4) Tanzania

Safety, stability, and an amazingly wide variety of activities make Tanzania an excellent place to rent a car with friends. While you won’t be able to check out Zanzibar, Pemba, or Mafia Island, you’ll be able to really dig into sprawling Dar es Salaam. With close to 20 national parks, drive south along the coast to explore Swahili ruins, north to Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro, and the Serengeti, or head to the lesser explored interior, finding mountains, wildlife, and relaxing Lake Tanginyika.

5) Kenya

Kenya is one of Africa’s most visited countries, and for good reason too! World class wildlife and safaris, excellent cultural activities, and plenty to offer visitors of all ages. Most let a safari company do all the work for them, others hop in packed matatus to get around. But Kenya has an excellent road network and you can even drive through some of the national parks yourself (Hell’s Gate for example) with wildlife within arm’s reach. Northern Kenya and the coast are particularly awe-inspiring. Just make sure you check the security situation in both areas first.





The National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies, NANTA, on Tuesday, June 26 unveiled the Nigerian Travel Practitioners Identify Card (NTPIC) at a spectacular event in Lagos

The ID card is expected to thoroughly sanitise the Nigerian travel industry, which is currently struggling with a great number of fraudulent operators. According to NANTA’s website, more than 40% of Nigerian travellers have already fallen victim to unregistered and fraudulent travel agents.This will come to an end thanks to the introduction of the ID Card.



Bankole Bernard, NANTA CEO, said during the event: “This appalling act (of fraud) has continued for several years. The travel business in Nigeria has become one for all and sundry with absolute disregard for professionalism. In knowing the anomalies in the industry, the Executive Council of NANTA , the umbrella body responsible for all travel agencies in Nigeria, decided to think of a lasting solution to the industry that contributes billions of Naira to Nigeria’s economy. For instance, in 2017, a total of 504 billion Naira was contributed.” He said: “People move into the industry and don’t have a clear understanding of what the industry is all about. They perpetrate fraud or they misuse airline inventories. When they exit the industry, the serious and hard-working bona fide travel agencies suffer.”





Travel Moment: Learning to freedive with South Africa’s finest

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10 great European road trips you must do in your lifetime

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