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Frequently Asked Questions

A list of questions and answers relating to a particular feature, especially one giving basic information to the users of this website.

VAPO Africa is a platform where all your African travel needs are met both for the professionals and millions of travellers VAPO is cloud based business enterprise solution that allows travel agents and tour operators manage their business anytime, anywhere and at the same time sell products/services directly to millions of customers through the marketplace. Whereas travellers are able to arrange all their travels at their conveniences via the mobile from the marketplace with only registered travel practitioners who are trusted, safe and secured by their various African countries Associations
Yes, all the information you store in Vapo Africa are well secured with the use of the highest level of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and the files are encrypted to your password in storage, not even the VAPO has access.
Our website is designed to provide a quick view of the summary of all activities you can process on our platform, but its best you sign up on the platform as an agent or use our mobile as a traveler.
Once signed in you have a universal dashboard to give short cuts to all set up portals.
Our office support allows you to put your company logo, create users, add staffs, control their levels and manage subscriptions. Agents in the marketplace can buy any of our plans for stalls and manage their products and services.
Go to marketplace click and go to manage marketplace and setup according to the preferred settings.
Select stalls category that allows you to set up deal, add new fill the necessary sections and create.
At the setting up of you as an agent, fill in the required details and read all terms and conditions.
Go to Advertisements and follow the simple instructions.
Requests are products or services needs of customers sent either directly to you or to many agencies to get best and fast offers.
Both agents and customers using mobile all use the same marketplace, so all your products and services are what they buy.
At the agent dashboard search form agencies across Africa and linkup via message agent..
Subscriptions activates every account and a point deduction is make on every new client added, you can purchase units (Vapay) from our unique payment and subscription portal.
There is a non-refund policy available on the VAPO subscription but complaints can be made to the appropriate department.
Yes, support assistant is always available 9:00am to 5:00pm Mondays to Fridays online, and you can leave a message when we are offline and we will get back to you. (See terms and conditions/policy)
Only certified agents authorized by their country’s Association gets the approval to upload to market place, non registered agents are not qualified to be on the market place.
Yes, all the products offers at the market place are valid.
Yes, all account details are secured and safe, only the financial institutions get the processes and Not VAPO.
Your account on the VAPO is not transferable.
VAPO strives in protecting all clients/users by ensuring the highest security and safety at all times. Should you experience any challenges on your account, please send an email to
No, VAPO cannot process any applications, it only stores your documents, provides you with the essential information required for a visa application process and allows the easy search of the documents you upload into the platform amongst other services.
VAPO maintains the most extensive database of all embassies and consulates around the world. (See Quick Visa Guide)
To retrieve click on forgot password and follow the instructions.
If you are experiencing difficulty to log into VAPO, it may be that you forgot your password, click on forgot password and continue, still experiencing problems contact to resolve it.
Please kindly contact the support assistance on what you are querying the system on by sending an email to
The market place is where travel professionals meet travellers in a complete shopping mall designed to give agents the opportunity to display and sell their products and services,and travellers buy all legal travel related products and services.
The market place is designed to give you the cheapest prices available where agents put out best deals available and customers can also place bids to secure greats prices.
All the products on the market place are from registered vendors who have been fully scrutinised before being allowed to display products and services.
Everyone is free to access and use the marketplace through our web and mobile, however you have to register on VAPO before using the market place as an agent/user.
Only accredited agents who are registered with their country’s Associations are approved have their products and services in the market place.
All payments are made through dedicated secured payment gateway portals.
The Vapo platform does not process any applications,the system only assist in the procedures of processing applications and also stores your documentation in the virtual filing cabinet however, individuals are required to follow each embassy process and submission policies.
Vapo provides info on most embassies/consulates on the Quick Visa Guide and all links and addresses are updated every 14 days.
At Vapo we strive to make sure the visa application is successful, but the platform does not guarantee or issue visas this is the sole responsibility of the embassies and consular.
Yes, you can get current embassy fees on the platform while processing your application on the Quick Visa Guide.
All certified agents are open to purchase stalls and upload their products and services, however non certified agents would have to register with their country’s Association before being able to use or upload products and services on the marketplace. On the platform click marketplace, then click on manage marketplace and follow instructions.
The stall in marketplace is segmented into different categories to allow agents/users select their choices. After selection of stall, payment is made and agent is able to upload.
Agents/Users are able to see and transact with other agents in the marketplace from their country and only need to change country location in the marketplace to access other countries agents.
Click on the search button and type your search on the platform, it applies also to the marketplace all results comes up instantly.
Click on the green settings icon, click on profile, type in the old password, type in the new password and finally click on change password.
Vapo is a cloud-based platform and as long as you have a working Internet connection you can access your account anywhere, anytime.
Click on office Support, click on client, click on the option button (Add new client), click on company / organisation, click on add new company / organisation, fill in the required information, click on create company.
Click on Office Support, Click on client, click add new client, fill in the required information and click on submit.
Click on Office Support, search for the client on the search box, click on options, click on passport, click upload passport, select the document, click add document.
Click on Office Support, search for the client on the search box, click on options, click on document, click upload document, select the document, click add document.
All charges and fees are pre set when you click marketplace, click on manage marketplace and follow setup instructions.
Vapo mobile is our IOS and Android applicationS where travellers download and have unlimited access to our marketplace. Vapo platform consists of both Web and Mobile, our platforms are responsive to mobile and desktop.
No, you don’t have to use another subscription. A unit per new client application, you can always edit and save your application.
Payment history is in the marketplace Agent/user dashboard this provides you details of all pending, unsuccessful and successful payments.
Firstly check Quick Visa Guide for all info then visit Visa Advisory for all documents required , then on the platform ensure the client’s bio data has been properly entered, place cursor on visa processing, click on manage visa application, in the space provided, enter the first 3 alphabet of the client’s surname, the system automatically brings out the client’s information, click travel information and fill in all necessary details, click invoice and generate invoice for client then submit.
Yes, you can always have access to your old data regardless of the number of years.
Place cursor on Visa Advisory, then click manage Visa applications, click create new visa application and select a client, fill all travel info and details for client, click invoice add other expenses and submit then the invoice is generated.
Documents could be uploaded in mostly in PDF format, however pictures have access to other formats such as jpeg, png etc.
Visit and go to contact or send a mail to or

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