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Frequently Asked Questions

A list of questions and answers relating to a particular feature, especially one giving basic information to the users of this website.

All payments are made through dedicated secured payment gateway portals.
The Vapo platform does not process any applications,the system only assist in the procedures of processing applications and also stores your documentation in the virtual filing cabinet however, individuals are required to follow each embassy process and submission policies.
Vapo provides info on most embassies/consulates on the Quick Visa Guide and all links and addresses are updated every 14 days
At Vapo we strive to make sure the visa application is successful, but the platform does not guarantee or issue visas this is the sole responsibility of the embassies and consular.
Yes, you can get current embassy fees on the platform while processing your application on the Quick Visa Guide.
All certified agents are open to purchase stalls and upload their products and services, however non certified agents would have to register with their country’s Association before being able to use or upload products and services on the marketplace. On the platform click marketplace, then click on manage product/service and follow instructions.
The stall in marketplace is segmented into different categories to allow agents/users select their choices.
After selection of stall, payment is made and agent is able to upload.
Agents/Users are able to see and transact with other agents in the marketplace from their country and only need to change country location in the marketplace to access other countries agents.
Click on the search button and type your search on the platform, it applies also to the marketplace all results comes up instantly.

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